The church dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima in Bańska Wyżna was built at the end of the 20th century, precisely between 1986 and 1995. The construction of the church was initiated by the Bobak and Marusarz families from Bańska, who were already residing in the USA and donated the land for the church to Father Zdzisław Dobrzański, the parish priest of Biały Dunajec. The construction started on March 19, 1990, and the cornerstone was laid on June 18, 1992. The design of the church was created by engineer Jan Dziubas.

The consecration ceremony of the church on November 6, 1995, was graced by the presence of numerous clergy, including Cardinal Franciszek Macharski, Monsignor Władysław Sieczka, and the sisters of the Servants of Mary, Maria and Anna Zalińska, who hail from Bańska.

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Bańska Wyżna was originally a part of one of the oldest parishes in Podhale – Szaflary. However, between 1934 and 1938, the Church of the Most Holy Mary Queen of Angels in Biały Dunajec underwent expansion. Subsequently, in 1938, the Biały Dunajec parish was established, and Bańska Wyżna was incorporated into it. The first parish priest of this parish was Father Władysław Puczka from Szaflary.

The parish in Bańska Wyżna was established on December 3, 2006, by the decree of Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz. The first parish priest of the parish was Father Adam Mroczek, and currently, this role is held by Father Rafał Piórkowski. Mr. Jacek Sołtys serves as the churchwarden.


Adjacent to the church is the parish cemetery, which was consecrated in the summer of 1996 by Bishop Kazimierz Nycz. Next to the cemetery, there is a wooden chapel built in the Highland style.


In 1995, during the construction of the church, a figurine of Our Lady of Fatima was transported from the Sanctuary at Krzeptówki in Zakopane to the church by Father Custodian Mirosław Drozdek. The church also possesses relics of the shepherds Jacinta and Francisco from Fatima (to whom Mary appeared in 1917 in the Cova Da Iria valley in Portugal) as well as relics of St. Teresa.

Inside the church, there is a cross that was personally prayed at by and blessed by Pope John Paul II during his visit to Ludźmierz in 1997. In the church’s interior, you can admire the works of Władysław and Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka.

In Bańska Wyżna, you can also find several historic shrines and crosses. For more information, please click here.

Holy Masses

  • Sunday: 800, 1030, 1600
  • Holidays (on working days): 800, 1800
  • Weekdays:
    • Monday: 700
    • Tuesday-Saturday: 1625, 1700

Contact details

Address: Parafia Matki Bożej Fatimskiej; ul. Szlak Papieski 153, 34-424 Bańska Wyżna
Telephone: +48185426103
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